Rushikesh Matkar, Ph.D.

Dr. Rushikesh (Rushi) Matkar is a technologist / leader working professionally in semiconductor manufacturing since 2008. He is a practicing chemical engineer with a doctorate in Polymer Science earned at the University of Akron, Ohio. Prior to semiconductors, Rushi worked as a surface preparation / characterization scientist at Lehigh University working on topics surrounding adhesion science. He has been integral in the successful ramp and transfer of multiple technologies at Intel and GlobalFoundries for 22nm, 14nm, 10nm and 7nm. He has been instrumental in eliminating key utility roadblocks for TOC, particles in water, metal and particle contamination in chemicals and control of closed loop water treatment systems and establishing technology roadmaps/missions for water purification and reclaim for 7/5 nm nodes.

Currently residing in Saratoga Springs, NY, Rushi is continuing his career journey as a program manager for GlobalFoundries. After playing a key role in securing > 1B$ business for the 14nm production line, he is currently engaged in the enablement of the EUV Patterning platform for 7nm and beyond device nodes. He has been recognized as the 2016 CEO Award for Operations Execution directly contributing to the 14nm revenue profile for 2017 from major semiconductor customers.

“The IoT applications and use-cases that span clients/devices, networks, and data centers drive new requirements for semiconductors including ultra low power, ultra low leakage, smaller and denser packaging, and cost effectiveness. These requirements are at the heart of the differentiated technologies and products developed by GLOBALFOUNDRIES that feature low-power, cost-effective performance, RF, embedded memory, analog/power, and packaging. This “under-the-hood” differentiation at the semiconductor level enhances the user and application experiences for IoT.”