Learn How Sludge Gets Rid of Your Sludge: Augmented Aerobic Digestion with Nutrient Control and Case History Review

As a follow-up of the WEFTEC workshop of 2016 , Utilities of the Future: Biosolids Management, Ovivo was asked to put together a more detailed workshop on 5 different concepts presented at this event.

The goal of this presentation was to demonstrate to attendees that an optimized aerobic digestion process design can provide much value to a wastewater treatment plant. Improved aerobic digestion performance can not only save disposal and O&M costs, but can also help improve the operation of other critical pieces of a wastewater treatment facility such as the main treatment process and dewatering. Dr. Daigger discussed basic aerobic digestion fundamentals and system optimization strategies. To support the principles discussed by Dr. Daigger, Ed Pietroski presented a series of augmented aerobic digestion case studies which discussed project background, design details, and operational results that were achieved.

Our goal is to discuss  all 5 topics before the National Biosolids Conference, April 8, 2017

  1. Aerobic Digestion following Anaerobic Digestion
  2. Aerobic Digestion: Thickening and Nutrient Control
  3. Anaerobic Digestion: Energy Efficiency and Operational Control
  4. Biosolids Pre-treatment: THP and Algae
  5. Side-stream treatment: Reduce TN and TP impact

Speakers will include Experts from Academia, Engineering Consultants and Utilities of the Future

March 2017 Workshop Video

Download the Presentation Slides

March 2017 Workshop Speakers: