2015 Workshop Recap

Did you miss the conference last year?

Don’t worry, if you weren’t lucky enough to attend please feel free to review the conference video below! Last year we explored potential flowsheets of the future. This year we invited you to join us for a panel discussion with some of the most influential industry executives in North America as we ask “What are the current and future needs of utilities and how can industry stakeholders better serve these needs”.


Complete Panel Discussion

Question 1: Regulatory Impact

Question 2: Reuse

Question 3: Personnel Issues

Question 4: Resource Recovery

Question 5: Technology

Question 6: The Future

The 2015 panel included:

Photo of Glen Daigger

Glen Daigger, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE.

Photo of Tom Kula 2

Thomas Kula, B.S., M.S., Brig Gen

Photo of Lou Di Gironimo 2

Lou Di Gironimo, B.S.

Photo of Kerrie Romanow 2

Kerrie Romanow, B.S., MBA

Photo of George Hawkins

George S. Hawkins, Esq.

11 0714_0062, David St. Pierre

David St. Pierre, B.S., P.E.